George Wright, founder and namesake of Wright & Ditson, was a pioneer of American sports. Player, owner, manager and the leading purveyor of fine sports equipment of his time, Wright’s influence is woven into the early histories of our national pastimes.

An all-star with both the Cincinnati and Boston Red Stockings, Wright is considered the iconic shortstop who defined a fledgling professional league.  A consummate champion of ‘on-field teamwork’, he led Boston to six National Association championships in his eight seasons.

Although celebrated for his on-field achievements, his legacy is best defined by his sporting goods business, Wright & Ditson's (sic), whose innovations in golf, tennis and hockey sporting goods and apparel dominated the market for more than 50 years. 

Like our founder, at Wright & Ditson we live and breathe sport across all that we do.  Today, we proudly carry on his tradition of quality as we employ modern techniques and styling to revive the fashions of a bygone era in American sport.

Right you are with Wright & Ditson.

Wright (1847-1937) was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1937 as a career .302-hitter and still today holds the National League career record for triples.  He is also credited for setting up New England’s first nine-hole golf course in 1890.